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True Vintage: Woody Musical

True Vintage: Woody Musical

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Super rare vintage Woody timepiece that plays "Oh, Susannah", when the top right button is pressed! Housed in a silver frame and affixed with the original, textured brown straps with embossed details. These straps are only good for collecting and not recommended for wear; a fresh pair of matte leather straps will be included. Great for any Toy Story collector.

Condition:  True Vintage (Second hand, refurbished, great condition)
Frame:  Slight scratches & tarnishing due to age and handling)
Straps:  18mm embossed brown leather straps with silver hardware
Crystal:  Flat, slight scratches due to age and handling (if any).
Movement:  3 Hands, Battery Operated
Measurements:  3.6cm in diameter inclusive of frame

Vintage pieces come as is and do not come with warranty. We will, however, ensure that the watch reaches you in the best condition possible. Please only order if comfortable.

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