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True Vintage: Seiko Darkness

True Vintage: Seiko Darkness

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Made in July 1982, this vintage Seiko is simple, yet classic. Pale gold strokes atop a black dial. Housed in the loveliest, octagonal gold frame. Some scratches on the crystal, but a cutie nevertheless.

Condition:  True Vintage (Refurbished, fair condition)
Frame:  Some scratches, dings and tarnishing and pockmarks due to vintage nature
Straps:  17mm new brown textured leather straps with gold hardware
Crystal:  Flat, some scratches from handling and age
Movement:  3 Hands, Battery Operated
Measurements:  3.1cm across inclusive of crown.

Vintage pieces come as is and do not come with warranty. We will, however, ensure that the watch reaches you in the best condition possible. Please only order if comfortable.

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