True Vintage: Genie Juggles


Genie sits atop a white watch face, while juggling his many conjured heads. The heads all have different expressions and rotate with every passing second. Super adorable. Housed in a gold frame and topped with a clear flat crystal. Affixed with the black leather straps. Super cute & a definite collector's item. 

Condition:  True Vintage (Second hand, refurbished, fair condition)
Frame:  Scratches & tarnishing due to age and handling
Straps:  18mm black leather straps with gold hardware 
Crystal:  Flat, spome scratches due to age and handling
Movement:  3 Hands, Battery Operated
Measurements:  3.5cm across in diameter inclusive of frame and crown

Vintage pieces come as is and do not come with warranty. We will, however, ensure that the watch reaches you in the best condition possible. Please only order if comfortable.