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Premium Vintage: Sketchbook Pooh

Premium Vintage: Sketchbook Pooh

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This ultra-rare, limited edition tome contains a step-by-step tutorial on how to sketch Winnie The Pooh. Flip through 3 pages of sketches to get to the center of the tome - containing a sketching pencil (colours range from all blue, or all red, to half-and-half) and this lovely timepiece.

Raised gold studs surround a sketched version of Winnie The Pooh, atop a beige watch face. Housed in a ridged, gold-and-silver frame and topped with a clear, flat crystal. Affixed with brown leather straps. Super rare & a definite collector's item. Limited Edition, only 5000 pieces were ever made.

Condition:  True Vintage (First hand, unworn, excellent condition)
Frame:  Slight scratches & slight tarnishing due to age and handling (if any)
Straps:  18mm brown textured leather straps with gold Disney hardware 
Crystal:  Flat, very slight scratches due to age and handling (if any)
Movement:  3 Hands, Battery Operated
Measurements:  3.6cm across in diameter inclusive of frame and crown

Vintage pieces come as is and do not come with warranty. We will, however, ensure that the watch reaches you in the best condition possible. Please only order if comfortable.

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