Westar Orion in Sterling/Silver


Faceted triangular studs in shimmering silver sit atop a reflective light silver watch face, surrounding a large working moonphase window. Housed in a classic silver frame. The moonphase window showcases the sun, moon and stars spread across on a dark blue sky. Affixed with the original black textured leather straps. Unisex.

Condition:  New (Unused and unworn) with 1 year warranty
Frame:  Slight scratches & tarnishing due to handling (if any)
Straps:  20mm black textured leather straps with silver hardware
Crystal:  Flat, some scratches from handling and age (if any)
Moonphase:  Daily (Turns slowly throughout the day)
Movement:  3 Hands, Battery Operated
Measurements:  4.1cm in diameter inclusive of crown

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