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    Premium Vintage: 60th Anniversary 1998 Donald

    A limited edition piece celebrating the 60th Anniversary of Donald's first appearance in a newspaper comic strip. Donald shows off his bow, surrounded by raised gold details. Housed in a...

    Premium Vintage: Comic Strip Donald

    A true collector's dream,featuring Daisy & cowboy Donald Duck in the dessert. Donald is raised, giving the watch a 3D effect. Rounded silver watch hands add a touch of whimsy....

    True Vintage: Donald Waves

    Classic blue numerals sit on a white watch face featuring Donald Duck in the background. Watch hands are in the form of Donald's hands, extremely adorable! Housed in a classic silver frame and...

    True Vintage: Donald Square

    Donald Duck is printed on the underside of the glass for a 3D effect! Housed in a squarish, matte silver frame and affixed with a matching matte silver stretchy metal band Condition:  True Vintage...

    Premium Vintage: Mickey & Friends Island Vacation

    From a super limited run of only 300 pieces, this timepiece features Mickey, Minnie & the gang (Goofy, Donald, Daisy, Pluto) atop tropical flowers! Housed in a silver frame and topped with...

    True Vintage: Mickey, Donald & Goofy

    Mickey, Goofy & Donald are printed on the underside of the glass for a 3D effect! Housed in a classic gold frame with ridged details. A dainty petite piece that...

    Premium Vintage: Angry Donald Duck 1999

    Grumpy Donald frowns in the middle of the a beige watch face with sketch-style details. Extremely adorable and an incredibly rare find. Housed in a ridged silver frame and topped with a flat...

    Premium Vintage: Dual Time 1993 Mickey

    This rare, limited edition 1993 Disneyana timepiece features the iconic band members from the 1935 short film - Conductor Mickey, Donald Duck, Clarabelle Cow and Paddy Pig! Two working clock faces allow...


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